Working together on a strong Brainport


Brainport Development offers a cohesive package of activities geared towards stimulating investment in Brainport.

Promotion and Acquisition

To bring the location and investment advantages as well as other economic potential of the region to the attention of organisations and companies with the intention of attracting them to the region and retaining them. Active acquisition of companies that are part of the High Tech Industries, Automotive, Lifetech, Food and Design chains.
In the region collaborative efforts are made between TeLER and the Helmond and Eindhoven municipalities on the Brainport Acquisition Programme that focuses on attracting (foreign) companies and institutes that fit in to and can contribute to the Brainport profile.

Business accommodation

To advise and inform companies wanting to locate about the options open to them in the region and promoting the business climate. Brainport Development works together with municipalities, Chamber of Commerce and the SRE on the Brainport Business Accommodation Programme that focuses on optimising this business location climate.

Brainport Development also has a regional task in the field of business accommodation Рto advise municipalities on their accommodation policy with a focus on the existing and future supply and efficient use of space.

Brainport Business Accommodation Programme

The programme aims to promote a stimulating top technology location climate. This benefits businesses already located but is really intended to attract business that has not yet located in the region. The current location climate has to fit in with that of a European top location.

Brainport Acquisition Programme

Within the region four parties are explicitly active in the area of acquisition, the municipalities of Eindhoven and Helmond plus TeLer and Brainport Development. The various organisations do this on the basis of their own missions and responsibilities but regularly work together in acquisition projects. An acqusition plan is developed that corresponds with ongoing projects and initiatives like those that exist within the Programme BrabantStad and the Province North Brabant and with the activities of the municipality of Helmond (with its focus on automotive and food) and the municipality of Eindhoven (with its focus on high-tech systems, medical technology/lifetech and design).

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