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Brainport Eindhoven Region

Brainport Eindhoven Region, according to the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) the world’s smartest region in 2011, is a top technology breeding ground for innovation and home to world-class businesses, knowledge institutes and research institutions. Together they design and manufacture the technology of the future to ensure a safe, green and caring society and sustainable economic development of the Netherlands.

Attractive business accomodation

Brainport is a logical business location for technically oriented companies, from large internationals to small suppliers. Favourable factors are the presence of related companies and the proximity to key markets. The  concentration of top technology and knowledge industry  is especially growing in the sectors High Tech Systems & Materials, Food, Automotive, Lifetec and Design.


Brainport is definitely also attractive for ‘start-ups’. There is every chance in Brainport that a good idea develops into an innovative product that finds its way to the (world) market. This is because the region provides the necessary cohesion and the willingness to cooperate. Brainport is an innovation ecosystem in which the entire value chain is represented.  Top scientists, designers, producers, and marketers complement each other.

Services close at hand

Moreover, many essential services are close at hand, including patent bureaus and  finance opportunities such as venture capital and banks experienced in financing technology. Campuses and business incubators have state of the art research facilities that companies can share. Think of laboratories, clean rooms, and equipment.  Examples of leading ‘open innovation accelerators’ are High Tech Campus Eindhoven and High Tech Automotive Campus in Helmond.

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