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For SME companies

The sector SME Services provides an extensive package of services to strengthen regional business. Regional entrepreneurs can consult this sector for advice, funding, starter facilities and business accommodation. These services are offered at the head office in Eindhoven and at Brainport Development SME desks throughout the region. It is even possible to arrange a visit on site. The sector also looks to attract new (foreign) companies to the region and improve the business climate of the Brainport region.


Brainport Development advises SME entrepreneurs on various aspects of their operation, such as business plans, funding issues and managerial problems, with the aim of enabling financially healthy business. Where necessary, the investment managers provide support to companies that approach banks and/or risk capital providers for funding.


Brainport Development extends risk-bearing capital to companies that have good prospects so as to accelerate the development of these highly promising SMEs and promote innovation and employment in the region. Funding is provided through subordinated loans, securities and participations.



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