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Sector Projects and Programmes

The sector Projects and Programmes performs three activities: project development, programme management and subsidy supervision.

Project development

Brainport Development develops projects and programmes geared to market needs. The market determines the content and pace. Project development follows a set formula developed and successfully employed over the past decade. Moreover, it provides a good basis for accountability and comparison of results year on year.

Brainport Navigator 2013 is the guiding principle for project development. Ownership of the projects is, in principle, outside the domain of Brainport Development and preferably in the hands of industry representatives from the Brainport economic focal areas, or knowledge institutions.

Programme management

Programmes are clusters of projects and activities based on intrinsic coherence and are intended to create synergy. By preference, the programmes are carried out under the responsibility of the ‘problem owners’ but where this is not possible, Brainport Development assumes the programme management.

Current programmes:

  • TOA Working in Brainport
  • Brainport International Community (BIC)
  • Brainport Health Innovation

 Subsidy supervision

It is vital for Brainport Development to acquire subsidies for projects and programmes. In addition to basic funding from the shareholders, the organisation needs external funding sources in order to realise the ambitions of the Brainport region. Extra staffing will facilitate management of the subsidy portfolio and supervision of subsidy applications.

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