Working together on a strong Brainport

Sector Strategy

The sector Strategy concerns strategy, public affairs and monitoring as well as the international activities of Brainport Development.


Formulating, substantiating and updating strategic choices for the Brainport (Navigator) route and the Brainport Development portfolio of projects. Measuring development in the Brainport region and comparing this with competing regions is vital.

Public Affairs

In close consultation with partners bringing the economic importance of the Brainport reion to the attention of stakeholders in the province, The Hague and Brussels. Within the region intensive contacts with all the relevant parties enable joint targets to be achieved.


Underpinning developments and results at regional level as well as projects. The strategic targets of the region (Navigator) and the individual projects will be quantitatively and qualitatively underpinned and compared with competing regions.


Brainport Development strives for long-term international cooperation with relevant parties. International activities include participation in international cooperation projects and subsidy programmes, Public Affairs and the promotion of Brainport.

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